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How to use Closer to build a sales pipeline

Posted by Laura Suarez | April 10, 2023

If you own a business, you know that the key to success is generating revenue through sales. However, without an effective sales process in place, it can be challenging to achieve your revenue goals. That’s where a sales pipeline comes in.

In this blog, we’ll define what a sales pipeline is, explain why it’s important, go through the stages of a typical sales pipeline, and show you how you can use Closer to build your sales pipeline!

So first of all…

Why is a sales pipeline important?

A sales pipeline provides a clear view of where each of your team’s deals is at in the sales process. It helps your team stay organized and ensures that they follow the same steps with every deal. A sales pipeline also helps sales managers to forecast the sales process and identify any issues that need to be addressed.

What are the stages of a sales pipeline?

The exact stages of a sales pipeline will vary from business to business, but here are the six most common stages:

  1. Prospecting: Identifying potential customers or leads
  2. Qualification: Determining if the prospect is a good fit and has the budget and authority to buy
  3. Proposal: Presenting a proposal that outlines the specific details of the solution that is tailored to the prospective customer and a price quote
  4. Negotiation: Understanding what the major objections might be and responding accordingly
  5. Closing: Finalizing the deal and getting the customer to sign a contract
  6. Retention: Maintaining the relationship with the customer after the sale to ensure their satisfaction and identify opportunities for upselling or referrals.

So now, having this in mind…

How do I use Closer to build a sales pipeline?

Closer has a variety of features that can help you build your sales pipeline:

  1. Reminders: You can use reminders in Closer to never forget about any pending task, meeting or deal. In case you’re planning on meeting a possible costumer, you can set a reminder for each one of them and the Closer app will remind you about it!

You can set different reminders for different dates and time, so it can remind you about a meeting in 1 hour, next week or even in 3 months! This would be specifically helpful for customers who are in the “retention” stage since they are no longer active deals.

You can also read our Mastering Reminder Emails and Messages blog to become a pro with reminders!

2. Split inbox: The split inbox is very useful practically for every stage of the sales pipeline. This feature allows you to separate your chats in different groups. One way is to create a split inboxes for each stage, so you can have all your prospects organized in the same inbox, the qualifications in other one, and so on.

3. Scheduled messages : You can also schedule messages to be sent at the next day in the morning or at any time you’d like. This can be really useful for the prospecting stage because you can schedule messages for potential clients you haven’t heard back from in a while. Alternatively, this can be useful when you are working late at night or when you have different time zone with your clients, so you can schedule a message to be sent at the appropriate business hour without needing to set yourself an alarm or some other shortcut.

4. Smartflow: Finally, you can use smartflows for your active deals. With a new smartflow, you can keep track of every step of a deal, being able to check every one of them and have clarity of the place in which you are with the client. So this is useful for your active clients but also for the pipeline stages, because you can set each stage as a smartflow step and follow where you are in the sales pipeline.

This way you can use Closer to follow your sales pipeline and be more successful in your business sales!

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