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Infographic: WhatsApp 2021 Statistics

Posted by Ronny Torres | December 2, 2022

WhatsApp has taken over the world. The popular messaging app went from 0 to 2 billion users in just ten years. We've compiled some of the most outstanding WhatsApp figures to show you how powerful the platform is, especially as more users start using WhatsApp for business and personal messaging.

The numbers speak for themselves; WhatsApp is the most important messaging app globally. Additionally, WhatsApp is also widely used for business messaging in certain regions like South America, South East Asia, and some parts of Africa. Whether reaching out to clients or chatting with teammates, WhatsApp has become the one-stop for personal and professional communication.

But using WhatsApp for business isn't always very convenient, especially if you manage many conversations at once and may end up missing important messages. Additionally, not everyone wants to have their work and personal life mixed together. In many regions, people refuse to give their personal phones for work purposes and prefer to use other platforms for work messaging. This separation has led to the rise of many different messaging services creating messaging silos.

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